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FOX News
Jul 27, 2013 3:00pm PDT
. geico's defensive driver,ke 13. good student and multi-policy discounts could save you hundreds of dollus. engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineeif you could accentuate the "r" sound of "dollars." are...are... are... engineer: are... arrrrrr. arrrrr. someone bring me an eye patch, i feel like a bloomin' pirate. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. honestly, i feel like i nailed that. >> rick: a tragic accidents on new york's hudson river. a boat carrying six people crashing into a construction barge sending two of them into the water. a woman who was set to get married just two weeks from now and her fiance's best man, are missing. police say they have found a body near the scene and now they're trying to identify that body. the driver of the boat has just been charged with vehicular manslaughter. now the details on this. >> yeah. female body was recovered in the hudson river around 1:00 p.m. that fits the description of 30-year-old lindsey stewart, a bri
FOX News
Jul 28, 2013 8:00am PDT
phone. >> brad, i appreciate, you know, your passionate defense of a congress that nobody in the intlier united states thinks works hard. so the notion that somehow you believe the house republicans are working hard to solve the problems of the american people -- >> we are doing the best we can with a divided government and a president -- >> that is not true -- [overlapping dialogue] >> he tells the american people, get me a bill and i will take a look at it -- >> brad, with all due respect, speaker boehner can't figure out what the right strategy on immigration -- >> come on. >> you will see the same thing in the fall with deficit and debt. blame the president all you want. he's the president. he needs to be held accountable. but absolving republicans of the house of responsibility is laughable -- >> jamie: chris, i have to let that be the last answer. brad blakeman, thank you. guys, good to see you. >> thank you. >> eric: an update on the new york city mayor's race and a major blow to democrat anthony weiner's embattled bid in the race to become the next may our of new york. th
FOX News
Jul 28, 2013 1:00pm PDT
do to resolve it. thank you both for joining us. >> kelly: whitey bulger defense team prepared to make his case. boston mob boss facing a long list of charges. should he take the stand in his own defense? our legal panel will weigh in. and after the phony scandals comment they say the white house's attempt to turn down the heat from the irs and benghazi controversies. we'll have that and much more and have a fair and balanced debate on that, as well. ♪ ♪ the joint is jumpin' ♪ it's really jumpin' ♪ ♪ come in, cats ♪ and check your hats ♪ i mean this joint ijumpin' [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex helps revitalize your joints to keep 'em jumpin'.° like calcium supplements can help your bones osteo bi-fle n help your joints. ♪ osteo bi-flex... the best stuff in the joint. now in joint and muscle formula for people that demand even more for their bodies. the beach on your tv is much closer than it appears. seize the summer with up to 50% off hotels at travelocity. i guess. did you download that book i sent? yah, nice rainbow highlighter. you've got finch for math rig
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3